At Shrpr, we are a bunch of Service Experts, who are passionate about helping the sharing economy thrive. 


We have molded the best service philosophies to create a custom-tailored training that will give you the foundation of service excellence and then all the tools needed deliver it.

Students that take our class see an immediate improvement in their tips and ratings.


We're looking for passionate rideshare drivers to help spread our brand in your marketplace. This is through continuing to be an outstanding driver and getting referrals to our newsletter.

We are also looking for drivers to help create content for our website, newsletter and videos. Service must be your focus from the initial communication to when you drop your customer off. 

Apply to become an ambassador below, and if you are accepted we will hook you up with some great shrpr gear and you will have the ability to earn extra money.


  • 4.9 Star or better ratings

  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback

  • An unmistakable passion to serve


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