Handling Conflict

Every day there is an chance to have conflict with your customers. Sometimes it is just a disagreement on expectations, but other times it can be dangerous.

Right now, while you are safe, you should come up with an action plan on what you will do if you encounter a dangerous situation while driving. Do not wait until the situation happens to come up with a plan on the spot.

So how will you react to an aggressive customer, a hit and run accident, someone who is threatening you?

Your goal is to get out of the situation safely, that's it. Let Uber deal with the rest.

At a minimum, consider these points. Then practice what you can.

1. Remain Calm: Keep your cool. If you start to act irrational, you ill be met with an irrational customer.

2. Be Polite: Even if someone is not being nice to you, take the high road and be nice. It should help de-escalate the customer, and why not? Nothing to be gained by being rude.

3. Create Options: Usually there is another option to the conflict. Made a wrong turn? Offer to credit the extra time. Too many passengers? Offer to take some now and let them order another Uber. Lots of traffic? Find an alternate route.

4. Be Direct: If your customer is not having any of it, now is the time to be direct with what you expect. Try this, and make it more specific to your situation. "What you are doing is making me uncomfortable, and if it doesn't stop I am going to end the trip/ call the police". Explain what is happening, what you expect and the consequences.

5. Remove Yourself: As a last resort get away from the situation. Remember, your safety is the #1 priority. Even if it means abandoning your vehicle, or abandoning your passenger. This is if you think your customer is doing something shady like dealing drugs. When they get out, ditch them.

Last and most important. As soon as you are safe, call Uber and report the conflict. Get your story in front of them before the customer calls with a different story.

Oh and how many of you have a dash cam? If you do not, get one today.