Know Your Customer

One thing is for sure, every person that steps into your car is different. They dress differently, act differently, have different needs and different values.

Despite being completely different, they are the same in so many ways. If you can identify the type of customer you have, it is that much easier to figure out what they value. If you can figure that out, tips are all but guaranteed.

Here are the 5 types of Uber/Lyft Customers:
*Stay tuned, every couple weeks we will add to this list.

The Professional

The professional is your airport, hotel, conference pick up. Typically in a suit or something fancy. They are probably annoyed that their client didn’t spring for a private car. May or may not be drunk. Generally a good person.

Pros: Couldn’t be easier to drive. They are usually on their phone. They want peace and quiet, likely don’t want to talk, and value efficiency. Since they are on their phone, drive nicely to prevent car sickness. They are also on an expense account. Do this right and you’ll earn more.

Cons: Probably running late to where ever they are going. Don’t be tempted to speed, but instead look active behind the wheel. They are extra sensitive to a dirty car. Don’t mess up that $1500 suit.

The Nice Guys (and Gals)

Your favorite customer. Super nice, not needy and generally appreciative.

Pros: Probably the most understanding of the challenges of a rideshare driver, and genuinely curious about learning more. They might want to chat, or they might just want to chat with each other. Let them drive the conversation. They will ask you how long you have been driving for Uber and how you like it.

Cons: They will probably make you wait at the curb for 2 minutes while they get their stuff together. They made the request and underestimated how fast you would get there. No problem, get out of your car to greet them (and speed them up).

The Bro Dude

Whether it is on the way to the bar, after the bar, or meeting friends somewhere, this guy always gets what he wants. Has his whole life. You are an means to an end to him.

Pros: Usually short trips. Will probably get you downtown and an easy next fare.

Cons: Might be provocative and antagonistic. Aggressive when drinking. Will probably try to cram 6 people in your UberX. Be prepared to speak directly and calmly if things get out of control.

The Socialites (Maybe)

Pros: Early in the night, the socialite travels with her girlfriends and it is an easy drive. Play some party music, and let them chat with each other. They will get you downtown, and in a great position for chain drives. Likely to get a tip if you are driving them to the bar instead of home from the bar.

Cons: Often travels with The Bro Dude, and that dynamic duo can be dangerous. The duo can provoke misunderstood confrontation because they are drunk. Be professional, and abandon ship if it gets out of hand.

The Assassin

Each of the previous customers can be easy to see what they value, and take action on it. The assassin only values complaining. This is a tough one, and often a demoralizing one. The only way to win over The Assassin is to kill them with kindness. You’re stuck with them, so you might as well try.

Pros: Winning over The Assassin makes you feel really good.

Cons: If you don’t win them over, expect a complaint. If something serious happens during the ride, make sure you get ahead of it first and contact Uber/Lyft to tell your side of the story. This is where a dashcam is a must.