Stay Healthy

In honor of flu season (and the plague I am currently getting over), I think now is a great time to talk about how to keep yourself healthy and earning during this difficult time.

Yes, we all get sick, but just like you don’t want your waiter, cook or barista violently coughing all over the food you just ordered, your customer does not want to be in your car when you are visibly ill. They of course will have no problems getting into your car when they are sick. Such is life.

Here are 5 ways to try to keep yourself healthy this season:

  • Get a flu shot early. If you don’t believe in flu shots, I highly encourage you talk to your doctor. They can help prevent the flu, and if you end up getting the flu, it will prepare your body to fight it. The flu is no joke and can knock you out of commission for a week or more. Can you go a week without driving? If you have had bad reactions from the shot in the past, talk to your doctor. There are many different ways it can be administered.

  • Take a daily immunity booster. These are pills or powders like Airborne or Emergen-C. These can be pricey, so buy in bulk to save. Starting to get that itch in your throat, or a stuffy nose? Many people swear by Zicam or Cold-eze, despite how horrible they taste.

  • If you offer any amenities, consider introducing a cough drop to the list. They are individually packaged, inexpensive, and will help prevent that cougher from having a fit in your back seat.

  • Lysol Wipes and Spray for after the cougher gets out. Spray the backseat with disinfectant in between every drive. Wipe down the things you touch every day. Maybe keep a bottle of Purell in a pinch for your hands.

  • For god sake’s keep your hands out of your mouth! This is a tough one for nail biters and smokers. We are in an industry where fast food reigns, and so we are eating with our hands. Keep your hands out of your mouth as much as possible and wash or Purell them right before you eat.

Oh, and we’re all drinking plenty of water when we’re out driving right? Just always know where the best bathrooms are.

Do you have any tips on how to stay healthy this season? We would love to hear them!