Happy Customer Service Week

What great timing! Last week we talked about what our competitive advantage is as Uber drivers. I hope you agree that it is not the product or your car, but instead the customer service you deliver that sets you apart from the competition. It is you the person that earns tips and 5 stars.

So what better way to celebrate National Customer Service week with a couple ways to take the next step up and deliver a little better service.

  1. We all do this. You’re getting low on gas, so you fill up after your last drop off and keep yourself signed in. In the middle of the fill up you get a drive request and you accept it. No big deal right? Its only 2 more minutes and I’ll be on my way.

    Your customer is probably staring at the app waiting for your car to move. “What the hell are they doing?", “He is just sitting there”, “it said he will be here in 5 minutes for 5 minutes”. All this does it start the drive off on the wrong foot, and requires you to dig out of a difficult service hole. Sadly you will likely only get 4 or less stars and no tip.

    If something like this does happen by accident, act quickly and be honest. Give them a call and let them know you accidentally had the app on and are filling up your gas. You’ll be on the road in 2 mins and of course they are welcome to cancel the ride and you’ll waive the fee. No customer will choose to cancel and they will be impressed with your communication and honesty.

  2. Strive to use your customers name three times during the drive. Try your best to not make it awkward. When they get in ask for them to confirm their name, and then say “Hey John, my name is Mike. Nice to meet you. Looks like you’re heading to 125 Main St. We’ll be there in 15 minutes”. Then when you get to your destination use their name to say good by. Now you only have to find one more spot to say it during the drive. Trust me on this, using your customers name adds a personal touch that at a subconscious level increases their satisfaction.

  3. The easiest one — Love to serve. It is not a bad word to serve and work in customer service. But you have to love it. I love it and it shows in my interactions and in my wallet. If you cannot say you love to serve then at least be honest with yourself and know that you will hate this job, and not earn as much as you want.