Let it Snow!

While driving in the snow can be dangerous, as a rideshare driver, it can be a great opportunity to make a lot of money. Customers who might normally just drive themselves places will now elect to take an Uber of Lyft so they do not have to worry about the weather conditions. I don’t know about you, but tips seem to be more common as well.

With most of the northeast getting hit with the first snow storm, and many more to come across the USA, now is a great time to talk about best practices while driving in the bad weather.

  1. Keep your carpeting clean and dry. Purchase these disposable floor mats and toss them on the floor of your back seat and passenger seat. Replace them after every 2-3 drives. They are surprisingly durable. I’ve been using one right under my feet for 3 weeks now. These are great for the rain as well.

  2. Is it sleeting, raining or snowing right now. Wow your customers that wear glasses by providing them an eyeglass wipe. They are a very inexpensive way to make a difference.

  3. Do you remember stopping distance from driver’s ed way back when? It goes something like this. When traveling behind another car, you need enough distance between you so if they slammed the brakes, you have enough time to stop without hitting them. Keeping a safe distance ensures a smooth ride for your customer.

    In ideal conditions travel 3 seconds behind the car in front of you
    In wet conditions travel 6 second behind the car in front of you
    In snowy/icy conditions travel 9 second behind the car in front of you

    To calculate how many seconds you are behind a car pick a stationary object such as a sign, or a lane marker. When the back bumper of the car in front of you passes it start counting. When your front bumper reaches it, that is how many seconds you are behind them.

  4. The day after the storm, remember to get your car washed. It is going to be nasty from the salt and mud that are all over the roads. This time of year it is best to get your car washed every 2-3 days depending on the weather. If your car looks like the rim of a margarita, its time to get it washed. Find a car wash that offers an unlimited monthly deal to save.

  5. Remember on Wednesday I suggested you come up with a great answer for how long you have been with Uber/Lyft and how you like it? Think of coming up with a similar message for snow days. They are going to ask you how long you have been driving tonight, how the roads are, have you seen anything crazy happen, etc. This is a great opportunity to subtly remind them that you are out driving in this terrible weather so they do not have to be. Thank them for the ride, wish them a safe night, and they will leave your car wanting to tip you.

What are your snow day secrets? Lets hear them.