Uber Pro and How You Can Earn More

Hey Uber Drivers, delivering outstanding service just got real serious with the introduction of Uber Pro. Uber just showed that they value outstanding service and want to reward you for it.

With the introduction of this, your rating now has significant meaning. You need to maintain a 4.85 star rating and a cancellation rate below 4% to be eligible. Some of you reading this are saying “no problem, I got this”. Others are within reach and a few need to seriously step up their game. Take a look at your rating now and see where you stand.

Skeptical? Sure, but here is why it is worth it to start focusing on delivering outstanding service now.

First, Uber will divide its drivers into four categories: Partner, Gold, Platinum and Diamond (see image). Every quarter you will earn points by being an outstanding driver, used towards unlocking each category. If you reach platinum or diamond, you unlock some big time benefits such as an increase in what you earn for time and distance, cash back for gas, faster pickups at airports, free dent repair and a discount on car maintenance. These things should increase your paycheck as well as reduce your expenses. Plus, you still get to keep those tips you earn.

Uber Pro is rolling out to select areas now, so chances are it is not available to you yet. Use this time to get your rating up to 4.85, your cancellation rate below 4%, and your mindset to shift to a service first attitude.

To help you with this, we are currently working on an online class designed around helping you improve your service game. We teach this class in person, and now want to share the wealth with those that are unable to attend the in person classes. You too could double your tips and improve your rating.

What do you think about the Uber Pro announcement? Will this be good for you or is it not enough?