3 Random Thoughts

I hope everyone had a terrific and profitable holiday. I also hope you had a chance to spend time with people you care about before or after hitting the road. Here’s a couple random things I came across today that I hope are helpful.

  1. Its no secret I love Costco. If you are a member, it is probably worth it to check out this Dual Dashcam they have on sale this week. I have heard great things about it, and the feature list looks solid. Either way, if you do not have a dashcam, get one ASAP.

  2. Beware of a scam I recently learned about. Scammer gives you a sob story about how they lost their wallet and they need cash. If you stop at an ATM for them they will repay you times two as a tip in the app. Seems obvious, but we all know of times when we are desperate and might be blinded by the prospect of a big payout. Kindly refuse the offer and carry on.

  3. I have been thinking a lot about our community, being a rideshare driver and interacting with other drivers. Its not easy to find other drivers, and share war stories. How do you interact with other drivers? In the airport parking lot? Facebook? Online forums? Just don’t want to? I really see a lot of value in being able to share tricks of the trade with others, and wonder if you value that as well.