Humanity and Empathy

Do you remember your first day of real work? Or your first day as an Uber/Lyft driver? You were probably nervous and excited all at the same time. You were hyper sensitive to the details of your job, focused on your customers needs, and worried about every review that came in. You probably made a couple mistakes, but you were genuine and wanted to do better.

No matter what profession you are in, there comes a point where the daily work you do starts to desensitize you to everything. Whether you work in a call canter, and take 100 calls a day — a bartender and make 500 drinks in a night — work in an office and write 10 TPS reports a day — or drive for Uber/Lyft and serve 25 customers a night.

Every customer starts to look the same, sound the same, ask the same questions, and have the same problems. The little things they do annoy and frustrate you. They are “My fifth drive of the day”. You come to a point where you are no longer concerned about your customers needs, and just go through the motions to get through the day. You look at yourself in the mirror and ask “When did I become this miserable”.

Your fifth drive of the day is named John. He just got off of work, his car is in the shop and he relies on someone like me to get him home. He is human like me, has needs and is my customer. When I think of John as “My fifth fare of the day. He is worth about $10. I need 10 more fare like this before I can stop driving”, you diminish his value to you, and all but remove the possibility John is going to tip you. You do this subconsciously though the body language you have, the unfriendly tone in your voice and the curt and abrupt conversation you have with him.

If this hits close to home with you, the good news is you have it in you to do better. Remember to back to your first day. Take the blinders off and look at every customer like they are the unique human they are. They have needs, and you have the way to fill that need.

If you read this and say “That’s not me”, that’s great. Just acknowledge that it might be right around the corner, and if you can do something now to prevent it, you’ll never be in that position.

Be Nice — Be Positive — Be Genuine

You will do better, get better ratings and earn more tips.