Dash Cam Etiquette

A few weeks ago we discussed the 5 reasons why you need a dash cam. In light of the controversy over the Phoenix driver recording and releasing a video of some players of the Ottawa Senators trash talking their coach, here are some tips you should follow to be a responsible dash cam user.

  1. Check your state’s laws regarding how many parties need to consent to being recorded. Would really be a shame to get some stupid fine or lawsuit over an illegal recording.

  2. Regardless of your states laws, make it obvious you are recording the ride, whether it is an obvious camera, a sticker or you mention it. Its the right thing to do, but you don’t need to make a big deal about it.

  3. Remember you are being recorded as well. The dash cam’s purpose is to help you, not hurt you. If you ever need the recording to prove something, make sure you aren’t submitting something that will hurt your case.

  4. Never share any videos of your customers to the internet without their consent. But if you are doing something fun and positive in the car, and want to share, go for it. But think of it more as building your personal brand. My opinion is to have the consent on video so there are no questions about its authenticity. The last thing you want is Uber suspending you for no reason, or someone coming after you after the fact.