How to Get Customers to Tip/Rate You

So, you are an outstanding Uber /Lyft driver, and yet you are having trouble getting your customers to review and tip you. The Uber app could certainly be better at reminding the customer, or even forcing them to review you. Sadly it does not, but that does not mean getting tips is not in your hands.

These are surefire ways to increase your conversion of customers tipping and reviewing.

  1. Never dip below the expected level of service. Obvious right? Always be on time, always greet your customer, always help with bags, determine what they value, read their body language, let them drive the conversation, etc. They will be more likely to give you a review and tip. Made a mistake? Apologize. That often smooths things over enough.

  2. Ask them to review you. At the end of the drive, thank them for riding with you and remind them that it would mean a lot if they reviewed you. That personal appeal will increase the chance they review you. On the review screen is the tip screen, so hopefully they tip you as well.

  3. But don’t ask for tips. It is really hard to “ask” for tips and not have it come off as begging. Also, be careful with the use of a tip jar. It will remind most people that tipping is needed, and it can also make some people feel uncomfortable.

  4. Seat back signs are a huge help. Google something like “Uber Seat Back Signs” to see examples of what people put on them and then create your own. Don’t want to create your own? Check ours out.

  5. Drive for Uber Eats? Over communicate and send a final message before you mark the food as delivered. Check out our tips to earn more with Uber Eats for more.