What is Your Superpower?

What is that one thing you are better than all your friends at? The one thing that just comes naturally to you? When you do it, you know you are good at it. Remember, superpowers are meant to do good.

Think deeply about what that thing is. Write it down, define it and put a name to it.

How often do you have the opportunity to share your superpower with others? How often do you get to share it with your customers?

Now write down 5 ways you can use that superpower during your day, and more specifically, in your car with your customers. If it is an active superpower, how can you insert it into your day. If it is a passive one, what will cause it to come out?

Really focus on this superpower. Remember, this is the one thing you are better than everyone else at so show it off. Not only will your customer get to know you more, but they will be impressed with your ability. Have a rideshare facebook or instagram page? Make posts about how well you use it.

So, what’s your superpower?

Next week we will talk about your Kryponite, and how to avoid it.