New Years Eve Driving Tips

New Years Eve is not your typical night with the bar crowd. The only nights that might rival it are St. Patrick’s Day and maybe Thanksgiving Eve. But what is so different about NYE is that it tends to bring out the ‘Amateur’ drunks, who do not know how to handle their alcohol, and do stupid things.

With the day rapidly approaching, here’s 5 vomit prevention tips to prepare yourself in advance for that day.

  1. Invest in a seat protector. I use this one, which is designed for dogs, but will also help with vomit, and whatever grime your customers track into the car. It is subtle enough, that it doesn’t look terrible, but is also waterproof, non-slip and easy to clean.

  2. Worried about projectile vomiting? Protect the back of your front seats as well with something like this.

  3. Ok, so the last place you need to protect is the carpet floor. If you have been following us for a while, you know I am a huge fan of disposable floor mats. You can go that route, and change the mats frequently between rides, or invest in rubber ones. I like these because they are dirt cheap, and will help pool up any liquid that lands on them.

  4. Vomit clean up kit. Keep something in your trunk for that drunk that misses all of your preventative devices, and manages a way to hit the one place you didn’t protect. This kit should include ribber gloves, a water bottle, paper towels, vomit clean up powder, carpet cleaner, and Ozium odor spray. If you have this at the ready, you can get your car clean in minutes and back on the road to keep earning.

  5. Prevent the mess by having vomit bags at the ready

So how do you prevent someone from making a mess in your car entirely?

  1. First, get a gauge of your customer by calling them and confirming their location. Drunks are notorious for roaming around while they are waiting for you to pick them up. If you get a bad vibe from the call, cancel the trip.

  2. Be on the lookout for warning signs. Things like trying to bring a beer into your car, double-fisting a slice of pizza and a burrito or the stumbling drunk. Don’t risk it. Cancel the trip and drive away.

  3. Drive nicely. Sober people get car sick, so imagine someone who has had too much to drink. You aren’t going to get to your destination that much faster by constantly changing lanes, or whipping around a turn.

NYE is a big drunk driving night, so watch out of erratic cars, drive safely and earn a ton of money. This is a great time to put the tip jar out with a personal message on it to earn even more.

What are your tips for driving on New Years Eve?