Passenger Rating

How important to you is the passenger rating? Will you cancel a pickup because your customer is too low? What experience do you have with low rated passengers?

First, just like we are unfairly rated as drivers, your passengers are unfairly rated. From how hard the door is closed, to if they roll down the window, drivers tick points off the passenger score. I’ve read of a driver who always gives their customer a 1 star, because “screw em”.

Second, passenger ratings have way less weight than your score. You may do 15 drives on a night. Most customers get 1 drive a month. So an unwarranted 1 star review on your passenger will destroy their rating, whereas yours might be 1 out of hundreds of good ones.

So what does this all mean? Should you ever cancel on a customer because their rating is too low? We think yes and no.

Accept the ride, because if you don’t, someone else will get your fare. If you are in an area that is tough to get fares, saying no might mean waiting 30 minutes for the next one. You will likely get a passenger that is just fine and has just encountered a couple tough ratings. Also, you are a service expert right? Accept the ride because you are confident you will be able to deliver an outstanding experience.

Consider canceling the ride when the passenger rating is below 4.5. Drivers we have spoken to have said this is the sweet spot. Maybe it is confirmation bias, but they have more trouble with customers with scores under 4.5 than over 4.5.

But buyer beware. The more you cancel, the worse your standing is with Uber. They do not like cancellations and have based a big part of their Uber Pro program around cancellation rate.

What’s your passenger rating philosophy?