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So without further delay, this weeks tips.

5 things you are (probably) not doing that your customer expects you to do


Opening the door for them

Many people think opening the door is a ‘black car’ level of service. Why not give that level of service to UberX customers? 5 seconds of effort will get the ride off to a great start.

Helping with bags

Again, many people think this falls under the ‘Black Car’ level of service. Who here has taken a taxi before? They almost always help you with your bags. Besides, do you really want your customer scratching your bumper and messing up your trunk when they carelessly throw they luggage in there?

Offering to adjust the temperature

Don’t wait for your customer to ask you if you will roll up your window, or turn up the heat. By then it is too late, and your ride will be considered BASIC. Instead, say something like “Are you comfortable with the temperature”. Or, if it is a window’s down day, say something like “Just let me know if this window is bothering you”. Either way, be obvious that you are seeking to provide value to your customer.

Make sure the seat belts work

Every day you should be completing a vehicle cleanliness check, just to make sure there are no new stains, smells or things crammed in your seats. While you are doing this, test your seat belts. Belts that do not click are a sure-fire way to get no tips and a bad review.

Saying a Goodbye Thank You

How many have a closing goodbye script that you go through at the end of every drive? How many say ‘Thank you’? If you do not, your customer notices. If you can only choke out one sentence, make it “Thank you!”. But if you have more time, say something like this: “Thank you for riding with me today. I hope you had a great trip. I would really appreciate if you submitted a review after this ride. I hope you have a great rest of your day”.

Say it 100 times. Are you comfortable saying it yet? Say it 100 more. Does it sound natural? Say it 100 more. Now you are ready to get out there and deliver outstanding service!

Try changing one of these things today and watch it work.

See you next week!