You are your own brand!

Even though you drive under the Uber license, when a customer gets into your car, they are stepping into your world. Remember, you as a business owner get to decide the experience from when you get that ping for the drive, to when you drop your customer off at their location.

Is this something you have ever thought about? What do you want their first impression to be? What do you want their last impression to be?

Take 5 minutes and define your personal brand and actually write it down.

Here’s the 5 things to think about:

  • How do you dress? Casual, hip, fancy, sloppy? This is your first impression.
  • How do you greet your customer? Do you get out of the car, roll the window, call them by name or say sir, etc?
  • What is one thing you promise to every customer? This could be one word or a full sentence. What specifically do you do to live by this promise?
  • What feeling do you want your customer to feel when they get in your car? How do you achieve that feeling?
  • What do you want your customer to think once they get out of your car? How do you get them to think that?

You wrote all that down, right? Now read it in between every drive. Try to live by your personal brand for an entire drive. Now try an entire day and see how it works.