Driver Safety

Last week we talked about how to help your customer feel safe when getting in your car. This week we are going to talk about how you can stay safe, with some easy tips.

  • Picking up late night bar crowd? Keep your doors locked and talk to your customer through a partially open window. Talk through the passenger window for extra safety points. You should be able to tell in seconds if the person is going to be trouble. If you feel unsafe you always have the option to cancel the ride. Make sure you let Uber know immediately.
  • Ok so they are in your car and causing problems. You can end the trip at any time. Just pull into a well lit space like a shopping complex or convenience store and let them know you are ending the trip early. Its all about how you communicate this, so try to not be confrontational. That will just escalate emotions. You can even say "family emergency" for why you are canceling. Again, let Uber know immediately.
  • Purchase a dual dashcam. This will protect you on the road as well as in your vehicle. Just make sure you disclose this to your customer. It will also help keep them on their best behavior.
  • Be deliberate in where you feel safe doing a pick up/drop off and where you do not. Have a plan and stick to it.
  • Always trust your gut. If it feels wrong, avoid it. Look for signs of trouble and act immediately. Think about this now, and not when you need it.

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