5 Reasons Kits Make the Difference

Look, easy for us to say kits make the difference. We sell them!

But whether you buy a kit from us, go with another brand or create your own — you need something. Whether you like it or not, getting your customer from point A to point B does not earn a tip in their eyes.

So here is why you should consider adding some type of kit to your car:

  • It is close to becoming the expectation to have something to offer your customer. You can fight this trend, but your competition will continue to do it and will win (tips).

    • Offer something expected: gum, mints, water

    • Offer something surprising: shout wipes, purell, sun glass cleaner

  • It doesn’t cost much - For about $30 you can buy/create a kit that will last you a month or more (depending on how many drives you do). Each item you offer is less than $1 and it should increase your tip by over $1. You will pay off a kit in about 15 rides and everything after that is gravy.

  • Even if your customer doesn’t take you up on your offer, they are more likely to tip you just because you have a kit. It shows you care about their comfort and you will be rewarded for that.

  • Customers constantly say that they value a charging station. Just make sure you secure it so it doesn’t walk away. If your car allows it, have the station plugged in the front of your car, and use extra long USB cables.

  • How about a kit for yourself? What do you need to do to keep your car clean and smelling fresh. Organize that into a kit you can store in your trunk. Every day, use that as a reminder to do a quick clean and deodorize of your car. Just make sure it doesn’t take up too much space.

What ever you do, track your expenses and your return on investment (how much you receive in tips). It is probably best to track how much you spend in a month vs. how much you receive in tips in a month. See how you did before kits and how you do after. You will likely find it worth the investment.