How to Maintain Your High Rating

This one is for all us Uber drivers that already have a high rating, and how to keep that rating so high. We consider anything over a 4.8 as a high rating.

Why is your rating important? If you start approaching 4.6 you should take a hard look at the service you are delivering. Anything below that and you risk being suspended, or kicked off the platform.

How to maintain your rating:

  1. Don’t over think it. What you have been doing is working. Keep it up.

  2. Talk to other Uber driver friends. Find out what they are doing and if they have a high score, emulate them. If they have a low score, do more than they do. Remember, you are always compared to your customers last ride, best ride and worst ride.

  3. Try not to get over confident. It feels good when those high scores come in, and nice tips are added. Remember what earned you those, and it was probably humility and hard work.

  4. Be nice. So simple. When I talk to other drivers about how they are successful, I constantly hear “just be nice. its not rocket science”. Niceness goes a long way.

  5. But….. don’t confuse being nice with being chatty. When talking to customers about what they don’t like about some Uber drivers it is that they force conversation. Let your customer drive the conversation so you can drive the car.