3 Random Thoughts

I hope everyone had a safe, productive and profitable holiday weekend. There were a lot of Uber cars out there to compete with, but luckily a lot of customers.

Today I wanted to go a little off topic with 3 random thoughts that I hope will help you save some money. To me, saving money is just like getting a pay increase.

  • Make Your Coffee: I stopped buying coffee while I am out and instead have been making cold brew. It is unbelievably easy to make, and is saving me close to $60 a month. That is like getting a net pay raise of $720 a year! What other easy conveniences can you cut from your life to give yourself a raise?

    Cold Brew Recipe:
    -I use Costco House Blend, which is cheap and powerful.
    -Find a container to make it in, pitcher, mason jar. I use a 48oz Nalgene bottle.
    -Grind enough beans for your container. You want to do a 4:1 ratio of water to coffee.
    -"Brew" in your fridge for at least 12hrs. 24 if you like high octane coffee. 
    -Filter through a mesh strainer first and then a normal coffee filter to get out all the bits.

    Enjoy your coffee and your pay increase
  • Research Gas Prices: Research the cheapest gas option and exclusively fill up there. I'm not talking saving 10 cents from the station across the street. Some of these membership places have amazing prices on gas, like BJs, Costco, Stop and Shop points, whatever. Yes, the membership fee is usually something like $50, but I legit save $8 every fill up over my local gas stations. I fill up 2-3 times a week, so that is a $1,200 savings a year. 
  • Learn Something New: We spend a lot of time in our cars waiting for a pickup, or driving to a busy location. This is a great opportunity to learn something new. Whether you are a part time driver looking to supplement your income or a full time driver, there are many things you can learn to better yourself as a driver or get you closer to your dream job. I like to listen to audiobooks, sometimes fiction sometimes non-fiction. Why not listen to something that will make you a better entrepreneur. Looking to get another job or a new job, why not listen to something you can put on your resume? Want some recommendations? Let's talk.