Part Time or Full Time?

Happy New Year! I hope you either enjoyed New Years eve as a civilian, or you made a ton of money.

It got me thinking about the part time vs. full time Uber driver. Both have their merits, but if you are doing this as a side hustle, here’s three tips for the part timers.

  1. Drive while you commute to your other job. If you have a full time job or another part time job with either flexible hours or a later start time, you can get on the road a little earlier and look for a drive on your commute to and from work. You will earn much more than your gas money, just for doing something you have to do anyway. Just make sure you use the destination filter so you don’t wind up on the other side of the state.

  2. Manage your time. It easy to get sucked into 5 hours driving while also working an 8hr day at your full time job. Hell, 2 hours before work, 2 hours after work and boom, I’m seeing double before I hit the hay. Don’t risk your full time job because you were late to work or made a tired mistake. Set your working hours, be realistic and stick to it. Make sure you also take a couple days where you aren’t working.

  3. Reinvest back into your car. It easy to think “I’m part time, I’m not putting much wear and tear on my car”. You might not be racking up the miles like a full timer, but consumables like your brakes and tires, or regular maintenance items like oil should be maintained ahead of schedule. Set aside some of the money you are earning to keep a proactive maintenance schedule. If you trust your mechanic, tell him you are a rideshare driver and ask him for maintenance advice.

Personally, part time works for me, but let us know what works for you.