The Friday Five

Happy Friday everyone. Tonight is the night to go get yours.

Here’s five things to think about to help you earn more tips.

  1. Pick up your customer on the side of the road they dropped the pin on. Even if it requires a u-turn or it looks like they will cross the road to you. At least make the effort like you are going to swing around to their side.

  2. If you are picking up at a bar, send your customer a message to confirm the exact pick up location. Some places have two entrances, or the pin they dropped doesn’t give a good representation on where they actually will be.

  3. Ask your customer what music they would like to hear or if they prefer a music station. Its a small gesture that can go a long way. You of course control the volume.

  4. Be hyper aware of snow banks, ice and huge puddles. Many parts of the country experienced significant snow and ice last weekend, which turned into massive flooding after the rain fell.Keep a look out for those obstacles, and show you care by stopping in a easy to access, dry area.

  5. Say thank you at the end of the ride. My customers always thank me when they get out of my car. Don’t fall for the trap of saying “Your Welcome” or the dreaded “No Problem”. They are your customer, paying the fare and hopefully tipping you. Respond back, “No, thank you!”

Enjoy the weekend and stay safe out there.