5 Text Message Tips

Here is a quick and easy way to up your service game; text your customer before you pick them up. It will make your life a little easier, and also make you look like a proactive driver who cares about service.

  1. Send your customer a message right before you head to pick them up. “On my way, will see you in 5 minutes”. This will help with the customer that stares at the app and will cancel if they don’t see your car always moving.

  2. See traffic on the route? “Hey, this is your Uber driver. I’m in traffic, but don’t worry. I’ll be there soon”

  3. Ever have trouble with your customer identifying your car for whatever reason? When I started my car was showing up as light gray, but it is actually dark gray. Add something like “Be on the look out for the dark gray Accord”.

  4. Did you just arrive at the location and no one is there? Send something like “Hey, this is your Uber driver. I’m out front of 125 Main Street, and am ready when you are. Anything I can help you with?” This confirms the pick up location, hopefully speeds them up, and offers any help. They wont take you up on it, but why not offer it?

  5. And lastly, be specific when it matters. “I’m at the front” or “I’m on the corner”. You never want your customer looking for you. It should be obvious where you are waiting.

Use your phone’s ‘notes’ app to save your pre-written messages for an easy copy and paste. Or if you want to really speed it up, save them as a keyboard shortcut on your phone. Then type the shortcut to load the whole message.

Whatever you do, Take Action to Create Value for Your Customer.