Basic Service

The 6 levels of service are the key to understand where you stand with your service offering, and what you can focus on to improve it. It is your ride, you have total control of the in-car experience, whether it is the cleanliness of your car, the aroma of your car, any amenities you offer and all the way down to how you talk to your customer. You have total control of this. If you are not receiving tips, stop blaming your customers and start looking at what you are doing.

You will not receive tips for just driving your customer from Point A to Point B. I wish this was the case, but that culture doesn’t exist yet. So you have to take action to create value for your customer in order to earn those tips.

A basic level of service is sub-par, minimal and below expectations. Here’s 5 things you might be doing, which your customer considers as basic:

  1. Did not admit your mistakes. We all make them. We will make more. We might even make some serious ones. But ignoring it will only make things worse. Too many of us are afraid to bring to light the mistake for fear it will be held against us. Your customer is not stupid and they know you missed that turn, almost collided with that car or turned right on red. Admit it, apologize and move on. Watch that 2-star review turn into 5 just by admitting mistakes.

  2. Answer your customer with one word answers. The expectation is not that you are a great conversationalist. You are paid to drive your customer safely. But if they are communicating with you, put in the effort to communicate back, and not seem annoyed by the conversation. If you don’t like to talk, try creating a Facebook page for your rideshare driving and mention it as soon as your customer gets in the car. This will keep them busy for a while as they read about your fascinating life.

  3. The flip side, you keep blabbing about something. Is your customer giving one word answers to you? Perfect time to turn up the radio a little and focus on the road. They are clearly not interested in talking to you.

  4. Talk poorly about Uber/Lyft. Yes, we all have our beef with the rideshare overlords. Things should be better. But, complaining about how hard it is to be a driver, and how we’re getting screwed falls under the ‘Don’t make your problem my problem’ category. Take your message to the “streets”, local government and social media to make your voice heard.

  5. Grease smear on the window. Yes, the obvious car cleanliness things like is your car covered in salt, smell like a barn, have holes in the seats are all obvious things. The less obvious thing is the grease smear on the back windows where that drunk guy rested his forehead, and then smeared it into a smiley face (true story). At a minimum, check that every night or morning before your start. Or just take a peak in between rides to see. Real easy to clean with a Clorox wipe.

Are you doing any of these things? If so, consider making a few changes and see if it works.