Customer Complaints

I often see and hear this comment from driver friends: “I haven’t heard any complaints”.

About their driving: “No one has complained about my driving”.

About the smell: “No one has said anything about my new air freshener”.

About your attitude: “No one has said I am rude”.

Most people do not like confrontation, so you are unlikely to get a complaint to your face. It’s too easy for a customer to just complain to Uber and get a refund. This is really unfortunate because it doesn’t really tell you if that change you made, that conversation you had or that erratic lane change ended up costing you.

That new tip jar/sign you put on your console, is the wording too aggressive? That new air freshener tree you got (cotton candy), is it giving your customers a head ache?

If you have recently had a run of bad reviews and bad tips, don’t just brush it off as bad luck or blame your customer. Look at yourself first and see if there is something you are doing that you didn’t realize was causing the poor service. Then make a change for the better.

Pro Tip: Keep a journal of everything you do. Put a sign in the back seat? Added a new air freshener? Removed the phone charger? Got a car wash? Write it down and put a date and time on it. At the end of the day, write down your daily earnings and tips. See any trends?

If your earnings are going up, keep doing what you are doing. If your earnings are going down, make a change.