Change 3 Challenge

I would never advocate to make a change just for the sake of change, that is counter productive. However, mixing it up a little will add a fresh perspective to your day, and hopefully open your eyes to new ways to earn more money.

The challenge is simple, just for today, make a positive change to three things before you hit the road. Put all your energy and effort into the change, and see if it works. The good news is, you are only committing to one day. Who knows, you might find that groundbreaking change you were looking for. The bad news is, change is hard and will likely take us our of our comfort zone.

  1. Wear something slightly nicer than you usually do. I’m not suggesting you wear a suit, but whatever your normal attire is, wear something slightly nicer. Take notice to the way your customers treat you. Did they notice? Did they talk to you differently? Most importantly, did you get better ratings and tips?

  2. Work in a completely different location. We are creatures of habit. Every Monday I do the same routine, because it works. But what if there was something that worked better? How would you know? Try something a little different and see if you learn anything. Its a low risk, high reward thing to try. If it was a clunker, just don’t do it again.

  3. Add one prepared comment to every ride. Just one. Make it either in the beginning like “Hey, I’m Mike, welcome to my car”. Or during the ride “Is there anything I can do to make this ride more comfortable for you?”. Or how about at the end, “Nice meeting you, thank you for riding with me today. Enjoy your day”. Whatever, just make it something that shows kindness.

What worked? Repeat. What didn’t? Remove.