Tire Warranty?

Your tires are one of the most important consumable parts of your car. We often run them into the ground, because until they go flat, they work. That is, if you can make it that far. Driving around for a living means you are more likely to encounter a flat. Every minute you have a flat, you aren’t earning. As a professional it is often worth it to purchase the additional warranty for your tires. Next time you make a tire change, see if it is worth it. Take a look at these types of warranty’s:

  1. The biggest and most expensive warranty you can purchase is a road hazard warranty. This will often cover your tires for damages that cause a flat, such as nails, glass, or even sidewall damages from hitting a curb. Read the fine print, they might just prorate you for the miles you already drove.

  2. Some warranty’s are for the age of the tire. If it is less than the rated years and has gone below the tread count, you might be eligible for a replacement. Replacement is usually necessary at 2/32”

  3. Same thing goes for mileage. Make sure you document your odometer before you replace a tire, and if it goes below the tread count in fewer miles, you might be eligible for a replacement.

Two things to be careful of. First, make sure you do proper maintenance on your tires. If your tire place can tell you didn’t rotate and align your tires, they could void the warranty.

Also, places like Walmart have recently been denying obvious rideshare cars for warranty. Make sure you remove any obvious signage before you call in your warranty.

Do you have any additional advice on maintaining tires? We’d love to hear it.