Desired Service

A couple weeks ago we talked about the Expected level of service that your customer expects every time they order an Uber. Sometimes these expectations are unreasonable, such as expecting a bottle of water in every ride. Sometimes the expectations are not unreasonable, a clean car, pleasant driver, and a safe ride.

Desired service is a little better than the expectation, and if you deliver on all of the expectations and do something the customer desires you will get better ratings and better tips.

Here are some things you can do to be a little better than the expectation:

  1. Introduce a pleasant smell. People like things that smell good, and memories and emotions are highly tied to smell. Pick a pleasant scent that you are ok with smelling the entire day, but also is not offensive to the masses. Pick something like lemon, jasmine or lavender (Spa Scents), over things like black ice, new car smell and strawberry shortcake. Those scents can be polarizing and can backfire.

  2. Tailor your music to your customer. You can compliment the ride by playing soft music for the working businessman, top 20 hits for the party girl, or chill music for your airport pickup. Build profiles for your customers, and then start the music when they get in. If you need help, check out our Spotify playlists. Or, you know, you can just ask them what they want to hear. Just remember, you control the volume!

  3. Consider surprise amenities. This is not the box that sits on the center console that has gum, mints, shout wipes, etc like the ones we sell. Instead, keep a small kit with you in the front seat. Did you just overhear your customer say to her boyfriend “Do you have any gum?” Surprise them with a pack of gum. How about a “Damn, I just spilled coffee on my shirt!” Toss a shout wipe to them. What a lasting impression you will leave with them, and in turn will earn you tips.

Desired service is just a little bit better than the expectation, and doesn’t take much effort. Just remember, it is all for nothing if you do not meet the expectations everywhere else.