You Need a Dashcam

Six months ago we talked about the 5 reasons you need a dashcam. Seriously. Before you purchase anything else, get yourself a front and rear facing dashcam.

Here’s three more reasons you need a dashcam.

  1. Did you say to your passenger “please make sure you get out curbside for your safety”, and they ignored you and opened out onto the street? Did that door crash into an oncoming car, bicycle or person? This footage will help you prove your case and possibly be the evidence you need for small claims.

  2. Have you ever seen the videos of someone acting like they got hit by a car, maybe jumping on the hood and then lying on the street writhing in pain? Usually it is a video from outside the United States, but believe it or not, it happens here too. These claims will be resolved much more quickly, with less (no) legal fees if you are able to prove they were faking with a video.

  3. Did your passenger threaten you? Are they threatening to make up claims about you? Obviously, the video protects you, but go one step further and report and share the video with Uber/Lyft. This will protect future drivers when they ban that customer.

Some additional tips:

Know your budget. You do not have to get a fancy $200 GPS and Wifi enabled dashcam. Those are a great investment, but a $50 one is better than nothing.

Save as much footage as you can, and be disciplined on how you file it. It will make it that much easier to find what you are looking for if you need it. Cloud storage is so inexpensive right now, try to shoot for 2 weeks to a month of videos. Always save something where there was an incident or “incident” for 6 months or longer.

Be careful of dashcams that have a battery if you are in very hot climates.

If you can afford it, get one with night vision. Especially if you do a lot of night time driving.

Remember dashcam ettiquette, and either have a sign or verbally mention you are using a dashcam (I prefer a subtle sign).

Have a few bucks to spend? Take a look at this Vantrue N2 Pro Dashcam. It is crazy high rated, and used by everyone I know.

Go ahead and share what dashcam you use and how has it saved you?