#Quiet Mode

Uber just launched a new Enhanced Uber Black Experience, and one of the things that stuck out to us was the new “Quiet Mode”. As you would guess, Quiet Mode is a request from the customer to have a quiet experience on their ride. Let’s go through some of the new features, and what they mean for you. If you are an Uber Black driver, you should see these features today May 15. Otherwise, there is no reason to think some of these will not eventually show up for UberX rides as well.

One thing for sure, this makes it so much easier to determine exactly what the customer values. Now all your have to do is find the best way to deliver it to them. And wouldn’t you know it, we have been recommended a lot of these things.

From Uber’s Introduction:

  1. “Quiet Mode: if you need to respond to emails or are in the mood for a nap, make your trip a quieter one with just one tap. If you’re in the mood to chat, that’s an option too.”

    Great, your customer has indicated they do not want to talk to you and don’t want loud music. As soon as they get in the car say something like “Hey John, looks like you requested a quiet ride. I typically play soft music, but if you have any requests, please let me know at any time”

  2. “Help with Luggage: let your driver know an extra pair of hands is needed for your luggage.”

    Acknowledge the request by saying something like “Looks like you requested help with your luggage. What can I help you with?”

  3. “Temperature Control: communicate your optimal temperature before entering a vehicle.”

    We’re not exactly sure how this will look in the app, but as with the others, why not acknowledge it and say “Looks like you requested a Cold/Warm car, please let me know how the temperature feels to you.

Think of how these new requests will change the way you deliver service to your customers and how you want to make your offering unique. There are so many ways you can tailor “Quiet Mode” to be unique to you and provide a lot of value to the customer.