Earn Even More with Uber Eats

Last year we talked about three little things you can do to earn more with Uber Eats. It is worth it to check out that article again, but the main point was over communicate, and invest in warm bag. The communication is key, because you know your customers will be staring at the app until it says you are on your way to get the food, or it is on its way. The warm bag keeps the food warm, which generally isn’t your responsibility, but will only put the customer in a better mood to tip.

Three more things to earn even more with food delivery:

  1. Delivering to an apartment complex, hotel or other place where parking and roaming the halls will cut into your earnings? Encourage your customer to be ready to meet you by messaging them about 1-2 minutes before you arrive. Try something like this “Hi, this is Mike with UberEats. I’ll be there in 1-2 minutes with your hot food. Can you please meet me at the main door for delivery?”. I have noticed that customers have no problem waiting for you outside, we just have to help set the expectations for them.

  2. Utilize the partner support line when you run into trouble. This is usually trouble with a restaurant or customer, such as waiting too long for the order, or that customer you cannot reach to make the delivery. Uber eats “suggests” you give the restaurant 15 minutes. I would wait the 15 minutes as well, but would be extra sensitive the next time I got an order from that restaurant. Looking for the customer? Uber “suggests” you call the customer 2 times and wait up to 10 minutes. Be careful, because if Uber thinks you didn’t try hard enough, they will not give you the delivery fee. In both of these cases, you should call the partner support line and let them know. I do this right away, during the 10 minutes I am waiting for the customer. Get ahead of the problem.

  3. Value your experience, and time. That restaurant that is taking 15 extra minutes consistently? Start ignoring those requests. Customers with crazy delivery requirements “Take the elevator to the 11th floor, make a left, answer this riddle…”? Cancel. Not getting any bites in UberX, but Eats seems busy? Stack your orders. After you accept an order, be on the look out for additional orders you can stack onto your original one.

Want to try something different? You also have other options to fill your time in between rides, such as DoorDash and GrubHub where you can likely earn more than UberEats per hour. The give and take is that you can turn on and off UberEats whenever you want, whereas DoorDash and GrubHub you have specific hours you work. Check out both and see if either work for you.