10 Items to Surprise Your Customer

Last week we talked about surprising service and several people in our community asked for specifics on what they should keep in their trunk and globebox.

Here’s 10 things you can use to surprise your customer (all for less than $50 total):

  1. Shout wipes: Cheap, portable and powerful.

  2. Purell wipes: Also cheap and portable. Customer comments that their hands are dirty? Toss a wipe at them.

  3. Mouth wash: For that guy or gal about to go on a date, you will be a lifesaver. Give out the mini, individually packaged ones. It will be a rare offer, but will truly surprise the person.

  4. Sunscreen: Keep a pump bottle in your trunk, that way if you ever need to offer it, they are putting it on outside your car.

  5. Mini Tissue Packs: Customer sniffling and leaking all over the place? Do yourself a favor and help keep that stuff off your car seats and toss them a tissue packet.

  6. Poncho: Rain is often not planned on, and if your customer forgot an umbrella, a cheap plastic poncho will do the trick.

  7. Local Business’ Cards: While you are picking up an UberEats order, network with the host or manager. Get their card. In town and waiting for a ping, stop into a local shop and get to know them. Now when a customer is looking for local advice, you actually have a card and a person to send them to. Customer’s love the hook up and like they are in the know. Plus, if you send enough business their way who knows what can happen.

  8. Pens: There are so many times a customer has needed a pen and I didn’t have one to give them. Rather than buy pens, pop into a local business that has pens for marketing purposes, and partner with them. “I’m a local Uber driver, and I have a lot of customers that could use a pen. I’d be happy to give your pen out for you.”

  9. Umbrella: You might think this one is crazy. “I’m not giving out a free umbrella.” You can purchase a cheap umbrella from Walmart for $3. Would you give this to any old customer? I wouldn’t, but if I just completed a 2hr drive and it is unexpectedly pouring in the destination city, this $3 investment might turn into a huge tip. It also might not. To me the $3 risk is worth the reward, when I could be getting a $20-$30 tip.

  10. Ear buds: This sounds crazy, but earbuds can be had for 50 cents a pop, and sometimes less. Its not often, but these cheap throwaways will be greatly appreciated by your customer if they are in a pinch and need ear phones.

So why did I not mention mints, gum, water, phone charger or the like? Those things are no longer surprising. They might be desired or even fallen to expected. The phone charger is certainly an expectation these days. In order to truly surprise someone, you need to identify what the customer values and then take action to create that value for them.

As always, its your car and your experience. I think it is worth a shot to try, but if you are not noticing an increase in tip as a result, then try something else.

Hope this helps, and good luck!