The Shrpr Clip Show

Happy (almost) 4th of July!

I love this holiday because its not usually a holiday you are expected to be with family all day, and so it is the perfect excuse to get out there an earn.

In 90’s television fashion, when there is a holiday, there is a clip show to watch. These were usually throw away shows to give the writers and others time off to spend with their families. Some shows were good at it, others were terrible. Hope we can live up to it!

Here’s the top 5 Shrpr “clips” you should read again:

  1. The 5 Car Cleanliness Basics: These are good, easy ways to make sure you take those blinders off and really ‘see’ you car the way your customer does.

  2. Communicate Well and Get Your Drive off to the Right Start: Couple suggestions on how to communicate to your customer if you are going to be late to the pick up or if you arrive and they aren’t there. This will surprise them and lead to more tips.

  3. Handling Conflict: Here are 5 suggestions on how to handle conflict with your customer. Be safe out there.

  4. 8 Things You Should Have In Your Trunk: Every driver should invest in having these things in their trunk, and you will be glad you did.

  5. New Years Eve Driving Tips: While the 4th of July doesn’t compare to New Year’s Eve in terms of volume or rowdiness, there will be plenty of drinking going on, and those people will be calling you. Prepare yourself and you can have one of the most profitable nights of the year.

Good luck, be safe, and try to shut down early and enjoy this terrific holiday.