Uber Strike

Whether you took part in the Uber strike today or not, there is one thing for certain. Your customers will absolutely ask you about it for weeks to come. Here are some common questions we see are already being asked, and some you will get in the coming weeks. Now is the time to craft your answer to benefit you the most. Here’s how I am answering

Question 1: “Did you take part in the strike today (or last week, or whenever)?”
Answer: Pretty simple for you, yes or no. We do not think answering one way or another will matter.

Question 2: “Why did you/are other drivers striking?”
Answer: The answer is probably deeply personal to you, but it is probably best to keep it as generic as you can be. Something like “We/they want to make it clear to Uber and other rideshare companies that we want to be treated fairly.” Stay away from “Uber is screwing us.” or “I want their IPO to go as bad as possible”. Or if you are against the strike, you can say something like “I don’t agree with the strike, but I think they are striking because…”

Question 3: “Have you noticed any changes since the strike?” (This one will probably come in the coming weeks)
Possible Answer: It is tough to answer now, but something like this is timeless. “The strike was about getting a message across that we want to be treated fairly, and I think in that regard we succeeded.”

These are all possible questions you might get from your customer. Be as generic as possible, leave politics out of it and try not to bash Uber. All those are a bad look, and will likely make your customer uncomfortable.

What kind of questions are you getting about the strike?