3 Things You Might Not Know

There are some written rules to being a rideshare driver, that aren’t well known or widely talked about. As always, follow your local, state and federal laws.

  1. Unaccompanied Minors: Never accept someone in your car who is under 18 years old, unless they are accompanied by someone over 18. Make no exceptions here. The risk is way too high. According to Uber, you should cancel the ride or ask for ID if you have any suspicions.

  2. No Babies: Unless you keep a baby seat in your car, or are willing to let your customer attach their seat, do not let your customer hold their baby during your ride. Even if they try to persuade you. In your car, you are responsible for your passengers, and in most states it is illegal to drive with a baby without a car seat. Uber is starting to pilot Uber Car Seat in NYC as a premium service, so that could be a future premium feature.

  3. Bait and Switch: This happens a lot late night. Drunk friend calls their very drunk friend an Uber, while they stay out and continue to party. You show up, they toss very drunk friend in your vehicle and away you go. Except, this puts you in real danger. Uber is tracking the callers phone, not the riders. Easy dispute (I wasn’t in the car). What if they throw up? Again, I wasn’t in the car, I don’t know that person. Make sure the person who called you is a rider, otherwise, cancel the ride. How about your drop them at their destination and they don’t make it home. All risks you do not want to be a part of. Really worried about their safety, call 911.

Bonus Tip: Did your drunk passenger pass out in your car. Don’t touch them to wake them up. Both Uber and Lyft prohibit this, and is an easy way to get suspended or deactivated. Find another way to wake them up such as a quick brake check in front of the destination.

What other rules do you follow that aren’t well known?