Customers Love Stories

Your customers love stories, and the easiest way to build a rapport with them, and secure that tip is to entertain them. It also humanizes the job you are doing and gives them a glimpse of your day to day. Most of us are bad story tellers, and a bad story comes off as annoying, lame, creepy, whatever. Here’s some tips on how to tell a great story:

  1. Don’t tell the story, describe it. When you give a play-by-play of the story, you are giving an outsiders view of what happened. Instead, describe what is happening as if you are living it again. Set up the scene from your eyes, share your emotions, smile when you should, frown when you should. By describing the story, your audience will feel like they are there and will be engrossed.

  2. Focus on the senses. Draw your audience in by helping them see, hear, smell, taste and touch the important parts of your story. This is another way to draw them in.

  3. Write it down and practice. Get all the key parts onto paper, and then practice telling the story. Do not memorize the story, or you will sound robotic and no emotion will come through. Remember, you are the expert of your story, so tell it from the heart.

So what should your stories be about? Think about the questions your customers ask you. Why not answer with an entertaining story. Stories can be 30 seconds long or 5 minutes long. If they are told right and entertaining, the time doesn’t matter.

Here’s some ideas:

  1. Your worst rideshare experience - Keep it light

  2. Your best rideshare experience - Help condition your customer what you think is a good rideshare experience

  3. An anecdote from your other job, or previous career

  4. A funny story about your kids, pets or family

Timing is key with all story telling. Let your customer drive the conversation and tell a story if there is an opening. If you jump into a story about your kids unprompted and as soon as your customer gets into the car, they will be wondering why you are telling this story.

Think, practice and then try it out. See how it works.