This one comes from someone in our little community here, Holly H.

When I head out to drive I make it my daily mission to be a bright spot in their day, and not a vacuum that sucks the joy from their life.

Last week I was picking up a rider at Phx Sky Harbor airport. The pickup was at terminal 2. I arrived and sent a quick “I am here” text. No one came. I texted one more time “I am at the front of the line”. Still no response, so I called. No answer.

A minute later my phone rang and the sweetest elderly lady was on the other end. They were at terminal 4 and not where I was at terminal 2. Rather than get angry and cancel their ride, I assured her I would be right there.

When I got there I spotted them right away and noticed they had a ton of luggage, so I helped them with their bags. We were on our way which was a nice 40 minute drive.

We chatted the entire way about their kids, grandchildren, and life. They were so kind and delightful.

When we got to the hotel they shook my hand and told me how much they enjoyed the conversation and that it was an amazing ride.

That made my day and I know i left a wonderful impression, which started their trip out properly. That’s always my mission.