The Train Catcher

Informs you that they need to catch a train that leaves in 15 minutes, but the station is 16 minutes away.  This is actually very common.  They will ask the driver to step on it in order to make the train.  Very rarely does someone give themselves extra time to get to a station.

Pros: Will be ready on time, get in your car quickly, and get out quickly. I you don’t dilly dally, they will appreciate you. If you fumble with getting the GPS up, make a wrong turn or don’t make that yellow light, your review and tip will suffer.

Cons: Their unreasonable request is not their fault, it is your fault. At least in their eyes. But that’s ok. Be honest with your ETA and give options if it looks like they are going to miss the train.

“I’ll get you there as quickly as possible”

“I can drive you to the next stop the train makes”