Drunk Customers are Annoying, Right?

We love drunk customers, and here's why. 

  • They are better off in your car than their own, right? Every drunk customer you drive is one less chance of a drunk driving catastrophe. You are doing a great service, and getting paid for it.
  • You can be their biggest ally when they are in need. Poor planning can cause someone to be stranded, and you can be their hero.
  • They're fun (sometimes). Customers that are just buzzed or slightly drunk have great stories, are engaging and are just looking to get home. Play them some music, and make sure the temperature is comfortable, and let them drive the conversation. Beware of the aggressive drunks or those that might be overly drunk. When in doubt, don't do the drive.
  • Drive nicely and they often tip well. Being intoxicated means they are hyper-sensitive to your driving. When on the highway, limit your lane changes. When in towns, ease on and off the brake and gas. 
  • You might just save their lives, and that is a good feeling.

So how can you save their lives? Let me share with you this story from a driver friend. 

"I was into my first month as an Uber driver and was going to start wrapping up my night. I just got a request from a bar in West Hartford and started heading over there. 

As I pulled up I saw my passengers coming out of the bar. It was two guys helping a very drunk, slightly passing out girl into my car. I asked how she was and what was going on and they said they were friends and just wanted to help her get home. I initially thought, wow, great friends! I asked them to put her in the window seat in case she gets sick and gave them a bag as well. 

On the 10 minute drive I kept overhearing the guys whispering, and I caught 1 out of every 5 words. What I was hearing did not make me feel comfortable about the situation, and it sounded like they weren't actually the friends they made themselves out to be. 

This all proved to be true when we arrived to the destination and it wasn't her home as they had said several times, but one of the guys apartments. As they were walking away, I heard some more banter between the two guys which made it clear what they wanted to do. 

I immediately called the police, waited for them to arrive and pointed out the apartment. I don't know what came of the situation, but I felt like I was the girls only ally and had to do something. I hope I read the situation wrong, but if not, I feel good that I may have saved her life."

You have a story to share, we would love to hear it.