Students who have taken this class have shown to earn more tips as a result of what they have learned. Does that guarantee more tips? No. You have to apply the ideas we present to your day to day as an Uber driver, and you will earn more. 

Take John Martinez* for example. He took our class in April. From the beginning of February to the class date he did around 450 trips and earned about $215 in tips. That is about 49 cents per trip in tips. After the class, from April to June he only did 200 trips, but guess what? He earned about $215 in tips, doing less than half the trips. His tips per trip more than doubled to $1.08. He was able to work less because he earned so much more in tips. 

Or how about Lisa Lee*. She is a full time driver and cranked out 400 trips in 2 months for about $250 in tips. The next 400 trips she improved her tips by about 25% to $312 in tips. What would you do with $112 extra dollars?

How many trips have you done in the past month? How much did you earn in tips? Now compare yourself to John and Lisa. What would it look like if they were 25% larger or even double?

Join us to find out how.

*Name changed for privacy.