Lloyd Miller



Uber/Lyft Rating:

Uber: 4.93 and Lyft: 4.98

Short Bio

I’m Lloyd Miller a 58 y/o ex-Marine. I’m married 26 years and have 3 sons. I started driving with Uber and Lyft in 2016, and I would not change what I do. I treat everyone that gets into my vehicle with respect and as I would want to be treated. I have not had any horror stories, because I try to have a positive attitude. It’s the small stuff that they really notice above and beyond. I love to talk to my customers, but of course there are times they don’t want to talk. The key is knowing the difference. People will tip friendly people more then just ‘drivers’. To make things work you must like what you do. For me, I love what I do. 


People would rather be driven around with friends so treat them as friends